The Three Rules

I worked in Human Resources for umpteen years.  What I learned was that all work rules and policies could be boiled down to just three basics:

  1. Show up
  2. Be nice
  3. Do your job

Countless times I met with a manager who had a “great employee” with a severe attendance issue.  It really clarified the situation when I asked “what’s the first rule of work?”

Original oil painting by V L Rees, 8 x 10
Original oil painting by V L Rees, 8 x 10

If you don’t show up, you are not a great employee.

Employees with an “attitude problem” (against co-workers, management, customers, subordinates, shareholders etc.) are not nice.  They are in violation of Rule #2.

Employees who do not perform their job are not complying with Rule #3.

See how easy this is?

My future blogs will translate these three basic rules as they apply to artists.  Stay tuned!

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