The First Rule for Artists: Show Up

The most talented employee who regularly misses work, will soon become a former employee.

The most talented artist who does not produce art is a: former artist / poser / dilettante/ wannabe.

Showing up for an artist means putting in the time to create.  Showing up does not include

  • sharpJuly Cornening pencils
  • priming canvas
  • cleaning brushes
  • thinking about what to paint, photograph, draw
  • (fill in your favorite time waster here)

Sharp pencils, primed canvas, clean brushes, and a subject are all important, but they do not create art in of themselves.

Eventually, an artist must, draw, paint, photograph, sculpt, etc.  In other words, make art.

Some artists have a pin-neat space to work in; others prefer to allow entropy to have its way.  Some have a studio, others a kitchen table.  Some can work full-time, others squeeze it in around the day job.

What is important is to make time for creation.  All the preparation and space in the world won’t make art – only you can do that.

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