Seems Like Home

Original oil painting: 18 x 36
Original oil painting: 18 x 24
Community Deli

What is “home”?

I spent the first 22 years of my life in Indiana. A brief stop in Illinois, and then another 22 in Kentucky.

Nowadays I reside in downtown Raleigh. Two hours from the beach, less than four from the mountains.

However, home for me is not a geographic locus, it’s the DNA of a place that resides within my soul.

Sorry, Peoria. I don’t miss the nine months I spent with you.


My gallery show this month features paintings focused on Raleigh: the landmarks, the landscapes, and the vibe. But I could easily have chosen some snow-swept Hoosier corn fields or a restored downtown Lexington Kentucky theater in their stead.

Suddenly it occurs to me: I’m two years away from the 22-year mark in North Carolina. Hmm.

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