Making One’s Mark

… I’m ready Mr. DeMille

Earlier this week, we hung pieces from my Sweet and Savory collection at Crook’s Corner in Chapel Hill.

If you don’t know the restaurant and you live in the Triangle area, get thee to Chapel Hill pronto.

It is a true American classic and a postcard for Southern comfort food. Established in 1982, the restaurant is now on merely its third chef in more than 35 years of business. Each has put his mark on Crook’s.

It all began with Bill Neal, the founder, who elevated Southern cuisine to James Beard noteworthiness. His Shrimp and Grits are still served nightly. Bill Smith came along next with recipes that have become classics including his Atlantic Beach Pie (“that damn pie”) and Honeysuckle Sorbet. As of January, it’s now Justin Burdett’s turn to put his mark on the restaurant.

Morning, Sunshine
Morning, Sunshine

I chose paintings from my collection with care. Fresh fruits and veggies, succulent desserts, and punchy adult beverages grace the indoor dining room walls this month.

Why do I put my mark on artwork featuring food?

Because it’s beautiful in its natural state, and under the guidance of a good chef, beautiful when prepared.

Food is natural – or should be! – and life sustaining. We all eat. Some live to eat, others eat to live. Guess I fall into that first camp.

Food is a social lubricant. Yes, adult beverages can be too. But Sunday dinner, Friday Shabbat, and Thanksgiving all feature food for this reason. We bring our traditional recipes to share, much as the chefs at Crook’s Corner have done.

I enjoy putting my mark on food-related work. Others may see an ordinary tomato, but I see a star waiting for its close-up.

Adult Beverages
“Tiki Bar”, “Classic:, and “Margaritaville”

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