It’s National Hot Sauce Day!

… Or Americans will celebrate anything

I had no idea that there WAS a day to celebrate hot sauce. Then a visitor to my gallery saw “The Competition” and clued me in that it was coming this month.

This collection of hot sauce bottles was on my table at the Ruddy Duck Tavern in Morehead City, NC. I lined them up and snapped their photo with my cellphone. Just because.

My husband and I love hot sauce as long as it’s complex and not a Johnny-one-note flavor. My all-time favorite is Tabasco® but I’m also fond of their chipotle pepper flavor.

What’s interesting is that while we agree on most hot sauces, Peter finds Tabasco too hot while some he finds “mild” are excruciating to me.

Whatever spices up your life on a cold winter’s day, enjoy!

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