Favorite Things

February can be such a hard month.

We’re tired of winter and February is a tease.  A few days that hint at spring, then, pow! right back to the drear.

Morning, Sunshine
Morning, Sunshine

To stave off the winter blahs, I’m revisiting things that make me happy.

The genuine smile of a baby seeing Mom’s face.  A dog’s excited tail wagging when once again, you came home!

A basket of oranges in the kitchen.  A bottle of wine standing at the ready.  The Christmas tree asparkle in the front hall.

Glimpsing the not-so-secret fox den at the park.  Seeing an osprey circling a lake.  Daffodils poking through the snow.

I paint what makes me happy: critters and cupcakes and luscious landscapes.

I have no paintings of brown paper packages tied up with strings.  Just pies and flowers and everyday treats that made me smile when I dreamt them up and still give me the warm fuzzies.

Move over, Julie Andrews.  Spring is coming.

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